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USB Charger

USB charger output connector USB interface charger, USB interface fixed in the housing of the charger, compact size, very convenient for travel. Commonly used in mobile phone, MP3, iPhone 4, wireless routers and other digital electronic products, equipment supply and lithium battery charging, mostly constant voltage constant current type. Currently, the GME Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. based on market demand, in addition to the existing single USB charger, also launched a dual USB interface charger, output parameters were 5V500mA, 5V1A, 5V1.5A,5V2A USB charger and other specifications.
If your USB charger is damaged, try to select with the voltage and current charger to replace:
1 only supply power to the electronic device (ie equipment lithium batteries, not rechargeable lithium battery, just to give power to the board), the current basic alternative to the current USB power supply.
(2) If you need to use rechargeable lithium battery USB charger, to select the parameters of the output voltage V and the current A, because the charging current, the lithium battery damage, fever and affect the life and personal safety.

usb charger Universal?
The output voltage is 5V, current, charge time has been lengthened. The battery capacity is large, with a small charge is very slow. The greater the current, the faster charging hair more heat. So only the output current of the charger.Recommend you on the 1400mh with 1.0A. Magnitude relationship of the output current of the charging speed.
Now cell phones have become increasingly frequent, and some people can not wait three phones at the same time, it is time to launch an enemy charger, or a charge-up electricity to much trouble. On foreign websites today the body not only using ABS plastic to create a very high temperature, the base comes with two DC 5V/2A 2 DC 5V/1A USB charging hole, you can see a multi-purpose USB mobile phone charger, let you connect more than three devices simultaneously charging is really cool to burst.
And the most domineering of this USB mobile phone charger is used to charge the tablet, camera, MP3 player or other 3C products equipment allows you to directly used to charge an alternate smartphone even can be provided. And the inside is also a built-in over-voltage, over-current, leakage and short circuit protection, no need to worry about charging and charge put the phone to the bombing.


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