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The Difference between Power Adapter and Charger

Current the cusumer market exists many kinds of brand mobile phone,computer and a series of electric product .Even difference in brand ,they have a common characteristic that is operating depends on charger to supply power in electricity situation .

When we travel to outside ,it is not enough to only take charger ,we also need to bring power adapter to convert the power for us .because some place provide different AC Power with our mobile phone requested power parameter ,in this case, the charger won’t be workable ,then we need power adapter to help .But both of them have same use field, so where are their difference ?

Right now the charger usually accompany same brand cell phone provided by manufacturer ,which is electronic accessories. This kind of charger use electronic semiconductor component,it’s operational principle is converting the irregular frequency AC power to static low voltage DC power ,and also has widely application area, such as cell phone,tablet PC,camera,digital product etc.

However Power Adapter is a small volume electronic device,which supply and convert power ,with different output and connection method .

In fact Power Adapter is also called by us “travel power adapter” .

No matter charger or power adapter, they all have same function,but with nature difference.   


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