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Charger Market Price Survey

As we all known,Upon our cell phone or laptop computer absence charger, then it can not work again ,and also without value. So it is very important for us no matter at home or traveling .sometime our charger gets bad or lose,we can buy another one from charger store .

But because of different model ,then the price is not same too . For general cell phone ,which uses V8 model and be suitable for most of  Android version mobile phone,like SAMSUNG,MIUI,or other brand Android version. This kinds of charger price usually be $1.7-$3.3 .

Another special charger ,like iphone charger ,it can only charge for iphone brand cell phone,so it will have higher price than common,just the data wire price be $3.3-$5 , the plug price not included.

Please note that these level price is not original charger.many people intend to buy original charger, and think it has more guarantee. Actually it is not necessary ,not only the expensive price,but also the difference is just charging speed quickly or slowly between original and common one .


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