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When We encounter Charger Failure,How Should We Do ?

Eeverything has different classification ,so does the charger ,mainly classified to three types: Travel Charger, Seat Type Charger, Maintenance Type Charger. But the most commonly used is the previous two types,and also market selling most be traveling charger .

Like what we used charger,if the use time be too long or improper use, it will be easy to cause failure .

 Charger Picture

Here we introduce some solutions to solve those failures.

1.When the charger supply power,equiepment always reminds charger poor contact, most of us have encountered this problem. So what kinds of reason cause those situation ?   Like improper connection,we can reconnect it. Sometimes the problem might come from your charger or poor contact in your cell phone charging hole ,then you can exchange a charger to try . Under the circumstance of our cell phone charging hole has bad contact ,we often take it to repair, in fact that’s not wise action ,because cell phone charging hole be connected with inner mainboard.If improper repair ,it will cause cell phone other problems.

We can choose universal charger for replacement 


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